Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Q&A with Liz Lewis, founder of The Green Wine Guide.

So why a website about ‘green wine’?

I see The Green Wine Guide (TGWG) as an opportunity to combine three interests I am passionate about – wine, travel, and green issues.

How do you describe ‘green wine’?

To me, green wine is any wine that has been made in an environmentally friendly way, in environmentally friendly surroundings, and by people who are interested in preserving the environment.

But aren’t there degrees of greenness?

Yes, there are. And that’s where The Green Wine Guide comes in. Future plans include grading wineries on their ‘greenness’. Each winery will score a ‘green grape’ based on the following practices…

* organic winemaking practices
* biodynamic winemaking practices
* environmental packaging
* environmental transport and shipping
* environmental infrastructure

Do you twitter?

Yes, I have two twitter alias. When I want to ramble about travel and life, I appear as @kiwiwriter. And for more focused green and ‘green wine’ issues, I spend time in twitterspace as @greenwine.

So let’s see your twitter skills. Describing The Green Wine Guide (TGWG) in 140 characters or less?

The Green Wine Guide: It’s all about eco-friendly, sustainable wines and wineries.